Shaun Needham Screenwriter

Hi, I'm Shaun Needham

Entertain, Enlighten, Uplift.

I am an optioned screenwriter from Sheffield, United Kingdom. I write original features that have relatable themes at their core.  My work is suitable for both film and/or television and is always high in concept.  I have also written short, corporate films and developed story-lines for immersive experiences.

If you are searching for a new project, I would love to hear from you.

Why Me?


Original Stories

- Well crafted.

- High concept.

- Fast paced with conflict in every scene.

Relatable Characters

- Sympathetic heroes.

- High stakes with lots to lose.

- Primal goals.

Resonant Themes

- Strong in premise.

- Inspire conversation and debate.

- Moral lessons to be learned.

Original Feature Screenplays

Steel Rose

To provide for her young son during WW2, a strong-minded single mother takes a job in a steelworks where a cocky ex-soldier becomes supervisor to her and three other women.  Inspired by Sheffield's real-life 'Women of Steel.'

Reminding Sheila

When a depressed widow is told she has dementia, she plans to end her life. However, a chance meeting with an optimistic swing singer forces her to reconsider.

This screenplay is currently under option.

Calling out to Tommy

Disillusioned with the horrors of WW2, a compassionate British soldier forms an alliance with a German prisoner of war as he attempts to get home to see his new born daughter.

Ale’s Well That Ends Well

Inspired by actual events; a tee-total brewery owner is forced into a partnership with a scheming millionaire. Eventually bullied out of the company, he struggles to rebuild more than just the family business.

Black Friday

A squeamish marine must brave the sales on the busiest shopping day of the year to save his relationship with his unfaithful girlfriend. There’s just one problem; the mall is infested with blood-sucking vampires.


Original Teleplays

Original Sinners - Pilot Episode - No Law in Limbo

Using methods not of this world, a faithless priest is forced to team up with a near-death experiencing CIA agent to bring down the mafia family responsible for the murder of his wife.

A Christmas Tipple

A routine obsessed Yorkshireman aims to continue his late father's Christmas tradition. However, much to the delight of his care-free friend, events unfold that conspire against him.


I also work well with others

I pride myself in being able to communicate messages through my writing and, as such, I am available to work on other projects that require this skill.  Here are just a couple of the fantastic people I have written for:

Alive Communications Nigel Mead

Contact Me

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